“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” 

— Isaac Newton

Applications for CAA 2023-2024 Mentorship Cohort Program are now closed. Applications for the 2024-25 program will reopen October 2024.

  • A mentorship cohort is a form of group mentoring. The main benefits are the connections and community that occur in this setting when everyone shares common interests or learning objectives, and develops together.

  • The mentorship cohorts will give you access to three different mentors across the 9 month program. Beyond the benefits of having direct access to industry professionals in an intimate setting, the group mentoring setup creates camaraderie, friendly competition and exposure to goals and concerns outside of your own. 

    The programs will be split into Seasons, Winter, Spring and Summer and each Season there will be 3-4 cohorts to choose from. Each cohort will meet once a month for one hour for the duration of the season. This will be a total of 3 hours of meetups each Season. Also, you will have access to the exclusive CAA mentorship discord where you can get in touch with your mentor and fellow mentees. Each mentee can pick ONE cohort each season. Each season, sign up for the cohorts will be on a first come first served basis until they are full, therefore we cannot guarantee your first choice for each season.

  • It changes a little each year but here are some of the past Cohorts and our Mentors:

    Character Design and Costume Illustration for Live Action with Greg Hopwood

    Prop and Vehicle Design for Live Action and Video Games with David Tilton

    Character Design for Animation - Betsy Bauer

    Environment Art for Live Action and Video Games - Shae Shatz

    Creature Design for Live Action and Video Games with Jerad Marantz/Constantine Sekeris

    Portfolio and industry readiness for Animation with Alison Mann/JP Balmet

    Portfolio and industry readiness for Live Action with Imogene Chayes

    Portfolio and industry readiness for Video Games - Jo-Jo Rane

    Concepting in 3D - Ian Joyner/ Gio Nakpil

    Hard Surfaces with Phil Saunders

  • You must either have a current Student or Professional CAA membership as well as the Mentorship add-on program. You will not be eligible without both of these components.

    Signup for this years CAA Mentorship program closed on November 27th 9am PT.

    Confirmation of your placements in the program and Cohorts happen at the end of November/early December.

    Make sure you lookout for all Concept Art Association mailings so you do not miss future signups.

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