Eunbi Kang

Concept Art Awards

Nominees from twenty five categories were celebrated across Animation, Live-Action, and Gaming from professional, independent, and student artists. 

Winners received a trophy from Legacy Effects, a One-Year ArtStation Pro upgrade, $100 ArtStation gift card (Student Categories only), a One-Year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, Lifetime Concept Art Association membership, their artwork featured in ImagineFX Magazine, and more.

Animated Film - Character Finalists

Animated Film - Color Keys Finalists

Animated Film - Environment Finalists

Animated Film - Visual Development Finalists

Animates Series - Character Finalists

Animated Series - Environment Finalists

Animated Series - Visual Development Finalists

Live Action - Film - Character Finalists

Live Action - Film - Creature Finalists

Live Action - Film - Environment Finalists

Live Action - Film - Keyframe Finalists

Live Action - Film - Prop Finalists

Live Action - Series - Character Finalists

Live Action - Series - Creature Finalists

Live Action - Series - Environment Finalists

Live Action - Series - Prop Finalists

Video Game - Character Finalists

Video Game - Creature Finalists

Video Game - Environment Finalists

Independent Character Finalists

Independent Environment Finalists

Student Character Finalists

Student Environment Finalists

Fan Art Finalists