Gallery Show

About the Event

This event showcased Concept Art Association Members from around the world and will feature a mix of traditional and high-quality digital 1 of 1 giclee prints. There was a party during GDC featuring a drink and draw on Wednesday, March 22nd.

About the Theme

This year's Gallery Show focused on the art of storytelling. Much of the craft of Concept Art is working with Directors and Producers to communicate their stories visually. Characters and environments that inspire our imaginations and help us share meaningful stories with each other.

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  • Concept Art Association Members

  • Traditional or digital (high quality 1 of 1 giclee print) original unframed that fits the storytelling theme. No pornography. Concept Art Association reserves the right to reject artwork that is offensive or off-theme.

  • 8”x10” or 13”x19”

  • No, but you are responsible for printing and shipping it to San Francisco. We do have an option where we can print for you.

  • We’ll have more information available next week

  • Absolutely, and its free to attend! We would love to see you all there!

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